Faraz are the required number of rakats. Additional rakats are often said: Sunnat follow the example of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) and are said individually, that is, not in congregation. The following is a table of the order and number of rakats for each prayer time:

Prayer Rakats & Namaz Rakat in Five Times Namaz

নিচে ৫ ওয়াক্ত নামাজ এর রাকাত সমূহ দেয়া হলঃ

Prayer Rakats (Namaz Rakats) - নামাজ রাকাত

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Number of Namaz Rakats in Five times Namaz
i) First 2 rakat Sunnat Mokadda
ii) 2 rakat Fard

i) 4 rakat Sunnat Mokadda
ii) 4 rakat Fard
iii) 2 rakat sunnat Mokadda
iv) 2 rakat Nafl (Optional but spiritually beneficial)

i) 4 rakat sunnat ghair mokadda (Optional but spiritually beneficial)
ii) 4 rakat Fard

i) 3 rakat Fard
ii) 2 rakat Sunnat Mokadda
iii) 2 rakat nafl (Optional but spiritually beneficial)

i) 4 rakat sunnat e Ghair Mokadda (Optional but spiritually beneficial)
ii) 4 rakat Fard
iii) 2 Rakat Sunnat Mokadda
iv) 2 rakat Nafil (Optional but spiritually beneficial)
v) 3 rakat Wajib
vi) 2 rakat Nafil (Optional but spiritually beneficial)
In Juma Namaz number of the Rakats are as follows:

4 Rakats Sunnat
2 Rakats Farz (after listening to khudba)
4 Rakats Sunnat
2 Rakats Sunnat
2 Rakats Nafl

Farz or Fard is a religious duty commanded by Allah. It is obligatory and leaving it out is a major sin.

(a) Sunnat Muakkadah/Mokadda:
Rasulullah(Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) performed punctually without leaving it out and order to other perform it. A person will be sinful for not performing his Sunnat-e-Muakkadah Namaz.
2 ruka’a before salat fajir
4 rakats before salat dhuher and two after it
2 rakats after maghrib
2 rakats after isha
(b) Sunnat ghair Muakkadha
This is an optional rakaat which the Messenger of Allah performed sometimes and left them sometimes. Example fourrakats before Asr and four rakaat before Isha fard namaz.

Waajib: Witr Namaz – has been emphasized. The status of wajib is very close to that of fard.

Nafl: Voluntary prayers or optional namaz.

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