The dangers of “dust” in the home for health

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      The dangers of “dust” in the home for health Many people have to live in a hurry. Wake up early and go to work By the time I got home, it was late at night. I want to sleep on vacation Not wanting to do anything. Sometimes, the hustle and bustle of life can lead you to neglect housekeeping. until the house has accumulated dust in various places And if you, too, are the one who let your house become cluttered and dusty, we would like to advise you to clean the house immediately. because in addition to making the house look dirty Shouldn’t have been bacteria in dust It can also make you sick.

      bacteria in dust with health problems
      Experts say Bacteria in dust affect the activity of the white blood cells T helper 1 (Th1) and Th17, which stimulate the immune system to fight off bacteria, fungi, viruses and cancer cells, leading to neutrogenic infections. Phil (Neutrophil), which is a white blood cell that acts against bacteria and fungi. The body is therefore less resistant to such infections. risk of developing asthma Emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and lung cancer are increasing.

      There are also research studies that show that Bacteria from outside the house that enter the house when we open the window. or may follow us when we go out and spread in the house May cause bacteria in the dust to become antibiotic resistant bacteria (also known as bacteria) “Drug-resistant bacteria” and if a drug-resistant infection occurs. Treatment with the same drug that used to work It might not work anymore.

      Sunlight… secret weapon to defeat bacteria in dust.
      Bacteria in dust is a pathogen that we shouldn’t leave. It’s a good idea, so you should clean the house, dusting, vacuuming dust that settles in various spots. in the house on a daily basis But we understand that Some people may not be comfortable cleaning the house every day. if so We want you to open the window. or open the curtain to get some sunlight because of the research study of the University of Oregon united states Published in the journal Microbiome states that letting sunlight into the house. Can help kill bacteria in the dust.

      The researchers created seven smaller rooms that were modeled after real residences. They control the climate of the seven rooms exactly the same. Then take the dust collected from the people’s house and สุขภาพดี leave it in each room. and then coat the glass in each room to have 3 different characteristics:

      – Clear glass in natural light Can pass almost 100%
      . -Glass that UV light can pass through.
      – Opaque glass that no light can pass through at all make the room dark

      After 90 days, the researchers collected dust particles from each environment and analyzed the composition, health and viability and growth of bacteria present in the dust. The results of the analysis revealed that A dark room contains about 12% of the bacteria, and these bacteria can continue to grow and reproduce. while the room is exposed to sunlight Only 6.8% of bacteria were present in a room exposed to UV light, and only 6.1% in a room exposed to UV light.

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