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      In India around 50 types of spices are grown and they are exported to other places in world. Totally there are 80 types of spices in world in which India grows 50 types.There are some spices which are also for other purposes such as for medicines, cosmetics, preservatives and perfumes etc. INDIA is also known as the land of spice, which plays major role in global marketing because as there is changing the climate with different temperatures, different types of spices are grown.

      There are many companies which take up packers and movers work by providing the export of spices to other places in world. The companies which are exporting, there should be logo which is awarded from the board of spices; this logo is useful for packing the spice products. From different places the spices are grown, this are manufactured from industries, the industries clean all spice products and they prepare all powders to export. The types of spices are coriander seed, spice mixture, coriander powder, chili, turmeric, pepper etc.

      For trading the spices to the foreign countries, there are some activities to export:

      The activities are: Products packaging development and bar coding:  With all different types of material is used to pack the spice products. The companies maintain the quality packing for raw materials and also the spice powders. The exporter exports the spice products of the branded companies. The spices are exported to the importers. The exporter sends some samples to the other countries, after this they export the large amount of the spice products. For exporting the spices, there should be Certificate of registration from board to export.

      The procedure of trading the spices:

      First there will be contract between exporter (INDIA) and importer (OTHER COUNTRIES). The exporter send spices to the companies which are providing the packaging and transportation facility, from there it is exported to the companies of importer. There will be document from exporter which contains the conditions of providing the quality spices to the importers. The payment will be done through banks that is, the companies of other countries transfer the money from their recognized bank to the bank of India. From this bank the payment is transferred to the spice exporter.

      Transportation of spices: There are many companies, like leading packers and movers provide the transportation facility. The transportation is done through, Road transport, shipping transport. For road transportation they provide vehicles such as Lorries and covered trucks. They also transport to other countries by sea using ships. Some of these companies’ also provide packaging facility. The spice products are cleaned, grinding and then packaging. The packaging is done with quality of material for the branded companies which includes the package content, number of packages as per weights such as net and gross weight, number of cartons etc. The products should reach the desired address with in the given time and also should not expose to weather conditions while transporting.

      Useful tips and suggestions to export and transport of spices from India: There must be a registration certificate to export the spices. There AGMARK grade specification for the spices. The exporter should have Insurance certificate if any problems for damage of the material of spices. There must be document for each and every step such as document for quality of goods, packaging, transportation, payments and also for the conditions. Select the company which provides grading, grinding, packing, loading and transporting.

      Conclusion: Different types of spices are grown in India and they are exported to other countries in the world.

      There are packers and movers in Hyderabad that are involved in high level of inter harbor transportation. Also the author writes article for packers and movers in Hyderabad and created blog.

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