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      <br> For example, your office may provide charging stations for employees so you can leave your car plugged in for part of your workday. An effort was made by the Military Protection Association, part of the Ministry of Welfare, to portray the war-wounded as hakui yûshi (heroes in white). Patriotic slogans — “Deny one’s self and serve the nation” — proliferated in an effort to stiffen Japanese resolve. Britain suspends travel between England and Ireland two days after Ireland denies an Allied request to close down Axis consular offices that effectively serve as espionage operations for Axis nations. March 20: Nazi Germany occupies Hungary two days after Hitler gave his troops the order to march. A separate raid four days later will claim more than 1,000 civilian lives. Though official records claim Bose died in a plane crash in 1945, his actual fate remains uncertain. British Indian nationalist Subhas Chandra Bose, INA fight against the British: Indian nationalist Subhas Chandra Bose became commander-in-chief of the Indian National Army (INA). February 29: Ukrainian Red Army general Nikolai Vatutin is mortally wounded in an attack by Ukrainian nationalists who are fighting for a Ukraine independent of the Soviet Union. Despite their skepticism about the news, the general population was prepared to fight to the end.<br>
      <br> Despite a media brimming with upbeat “victory news,” it was becoming clear by 1944 that the war was not going well for Japan. Allies execute dual assaults in Italy: The Allied landing at Anzio and the initial Allied assault on the Italian town of Cassino both took place in January 1944. Allied leadership hoped that the Anzio landing would bypass the Germans’ formidable Gustav Line and divert and weaken German defenses at Cassino, the key position on the line. Pieces of track snap together easily and stay firmly in place. Headlining war news in 1944 were the Allied attacks on Italy and Japan, and the presence of a Hitler relative in the U.S. As many as six million workers in northern Italy strike in protest of deportations of Italians to German slave labor camps. In 2021, Ganfeng bought Mexico’s Bacanora Lithium for $391 million. March 1: Nazi Germany announces that it has detained and enslaved some five million foreign nationals to fulfill the Reich’s war-related labor needs.<br>
      <br> March 14: In Nazi Germany, Wernher von Braun (a future NASA star) is detained temporarily for spending time and money on projects that have little to do with the imperialist aims of the Reich. Adopting SUS304 stainless steel, the blades will not deform, Battery Prius minneapolis corrode, or rust with time. As technology becomes more and more sophisticated and streamlined, so will the batteries. March 11: In the first of what will be many trials of French “collaborators” (French men and women who aided and abetted the Nazis), Vichy interior minister Pierre Pucheu receives a guilty verdict and a death sentence. Job had passed secrets to the Nazis in letters using invisible ink. March 12: Czechoslovakia’s government-in-exile sends a message to Czech citizens back home to revolt against the occupying Nazis. March 18: The RAF drops 3,000 tons of bombs on Frankfurt, Nazi Germany. March 6: Berlin is bombed by a U.S. At the center of the debate is the Inflation Reduction Act, a $370 billion bill that President Biden signed last year to try to mitigate climate change by transforming U.S. But some lawmakers complain the Biden administration has been too generous to foreign companies. By May 2019, there were 14 escooter companies operating across 97 American cities.<br>
      <br> In the Solomons (where the first American counteroffensive had begun in mid-1942), more than 12,000 men remained, isolated and helpless. ” ArchDaily, February 1, 2022. Additionally, the expansion of roadways and related infrastructure to ease congestion forces governments to spend more on maintenance and operations.4Across the United States, state and local governments spent $617 per capita on highways and roads in 2019; “State and Local Backgrounders: Highway and road expenditures,” Urban Institute, last updated March 2, 2023. And most critically, the high rates of private-car ownership are contributing to increased carbon emissions. A detailed timeline of events and headlines of major news stories are included. The following headlines include information on the Allies’ success in Burma and the importance of ships to the war effort. In 1943 and 1944, he led a long-range penetration brigade, the famed “Chindits,” against the Japanese in Burma. In 1941 he led a guerrilla unit against the Italians in Ethiopia, where his 1,700-man force eventually accepted the surrender of 20,000 enemy soldiers. On New Britain, tens of thousands of civilian residents died, their gardens ransacked by starving soldiers. Neither would swap. Japanese soldiers simply took food from local people.<br>

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