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      being addicted to sweets and eating more than the right amount of sugar. is one of the main reasons that result in people getting sick have poor health and reduced longevity, so reducing the amount of sugar intake Therefore, it may help reduce the risk of developing these health problems.

      will bring everyone to know The principle of eating Detoxify sugar how are you And what are the advantages?

      principle of How is “detoxification of sugar”
      ? Sugar Detox means any way to do it. Let us have a need to eat less sweets. reduce sugar addiction whether it is a way to reduce sugar intake Look for สุขภาพดี, please click the following webpage, alternatives to sugar. or even refrain from eating sugar at all to make our bodies get used to and can reduce the amount of food that is high in sugar

      Today, many people are eating more sugar than their doctor recommends. According to the National Institute for Health (NIH), most people get up to 15% of the recommended amount of calories from added sugars in food and beverages. It doesn’t include sugars that can be found naturally, such as fruit sugars. or sugar in milk and in other foods As a result, most people tend to eat more sugar than the proper amount.

      Eating too much sugar can have a detrimental effect on your body. There is research that eating too much sugar May be associated with various diseases such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure. Fatty liver disease or tooth decay, etc. Detoxification of sugar. May be able to help resolve the symptoms of sugar addiction. and reduce the risk of developing these diseases

      The benefits of sugar detoxification

      Weight loss
      , as it is known If we want to lose weight to reduce sugar intake sugar detoxification It will help us feel like eating less sweets. and turn to eating other foods that are more nutritious, such as vegetables, fruits, or various meats Help reduce the amount of excess calories that come from sugar. causing us to lose weight

      reduce the risk of disease
      Sugar is an increased risk factor for many chronic diseases. especially diabetes that are related to blood sugar levels Sugar detoxification to reduce sugar intake It will reduce the risk of various occurrences. These are another way.

      Make you feel fresh all the time
      We may have heard that eating sweets Will make us feel more refreshed and energetic. but in fact Sugar can actually make us feel better. But it was only for a short period of time. Those freshness will disappear. and left only fatigue Eating a sugar detox diet will give us energy consistently. and make us feel refreshed all day

      Precautions from Sugar Detoxification
      Although Sugar Detoxification That will be beneficial to health. In terms of helping us to reduce sugar intake. But it may have some effects on the body. especially those who are addicted to sweet Absolutely reducing or refraining from sugar May affect the body as follows:

      Physical effects
      Nausea, dizziness, tiredness, loss of energy, headache, flatulence, abdominal pain.

      Effects on the mind:
      irritability, mood swings, depression, anxiety, insomnia, lack of concentration, redness, craving for sweets.

      These symptoms are usually not very severe. and will only happen temporarily Once your body has adapted to your reduced sweet eating habits. These symptoms will go away on their own. without any treatment

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