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      during this past We often hear or receive news continuously about the “athletes” suddenly flashing during a competition or training, which is louder than that. It is affectionately known as the “sudden cardiac arrest” or Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

      What is acute cardiac arrest?

      Sudden cardiac arrest is a condition in which the heart’s conduction changes from normal. even causing the heart to contract with no quality or not to squeeze or stops dancing without warning That can happen to anyone without the need for other congenital diseases before. This condition prevents the heart from delivering enough blood to the rest of the body. Therefore stimulated and resulted in the occurrence of fainting, fainting, and unconsciousness.

      In athletes who are playing sports and then faint and dry. that sudden fainting Often the cause is sudden cardiac arrest. This is actually a rare condition. The average number is around 1:100,000, which is a large number in different studies and research.

      cause of the condition

      what causes sudden cardiac arrest It may occur due to thickening of the heart muscle that causes the heart’s electrical conduction to be different from normal. or abnormalities of the blood vessels that supply the heart muscle, etc., which can be divided into 2 groups according to the age of the athlete

      under 35 years old
      The main cause of cardiac arrest in this group of athletes. Most of them are caused by the strangeness of the heart that is innate. Sometimes it may or may not be inherited, such as thickening of the heart muscle. Conditions in which the conduction of the heart is different from normal. or the abnormality of the blood vessels that feed the heart muscle, etc. in the past, it was found The main factor is due to thickening of the heart muscle. This ultimately leads to an intervention that impairs the conduction of the heart. cause the heart to stop beating and die

      over 35 years old
      The origins of acute cardiac arrest that can lead to death in these groups will come from the matter of coronary artery disease rather than the strange element of the heart which is the cause of coronary artery disease that is common, such as having high blood lipids or have other co-morbidities, for สุขภาพดี example diabetes or renal impairment Or it may happen because of personal habits such as long-term smoking, drug use, etc. However, factors such as sudden cardiac arrhythmias can still be found. however, it was found in a reduced ratio compared to the younger group of athletes above.

      Prepare for emergency situations

      professional sports group Most European stadiums have plans to Always support in case of emergency Whether it is a medical emergency, in this case or other emergencies such as The field has been bombed or fired, etc., it can be seen that The preparation in this case was excellent. When Eriksen fell, his teammates, the captain, were immediately assessed.

      Along with summoning a group of medical staff to come in and perform CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), as well as prepare an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and be deployed quickly. which is another main reason for the increased survival rate. In addition to having a good resuscitation plan Methods for regular washing of the plan will help all civil servants know their duties. as well as making his own face rejuvenated and best suited when in real life

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