Just how Good for the Planet is that Big Electric Pickup Truck?

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      <br> Several teams took the “oldie but goodie” tack, basing their sub-orbital rockets on technology developed as early as the 1940s. A popular design to copy was the German V-2, a World War II rocket that launched vertically from the ground into the Earth’s stratosphere so as not to be detected and destroyed by enemy aircraft — the world’s first guided ballistic missile. Since propelling the rocket straight up would destroy the balloon (disqualifying the entry), the GPS-guided vessel first shot out at a 75-degree angle to clear the balloon and then changed to a 90-degree trajectory to go straight up to sub-orbit. The traditional way of propelling a rocket or a spacecraft into sub-orbit is to fire up the propulsion system directly beneath the vehicle to thrust it straight up. If the ball could be hit from the bottom, it would go straight up — which is pointless for golfers but great for rocket scientists. Because it is hit from the side, it forms a long, wide arc before returning to the ground. As it slows down from lack of propellant, it begins to make an arc — this is where it reaches its highest point (or altitude), known as apogee.<br>
      <br> It then begins to descend, completing the arc until it falls in a straight line back to the Earth’s surface. These high-altitude launches reduce the amount of rocket fuel required (a major factor in keeping down weight and cost) because the rocket has a shorter distance to travel to get to sub-orbit, and the thin air provides less resistance than that on the Earth’s surface. Do-it-yourself, beginner rocket kits — complete with engines — can be purchased for as little as $5 to as much as $150 at hobby stores nationwide. Explorer was little changed for 2000, continuing to be offered in four-door form (shown) and as the two-door Explorer Sport. The very first V8 offered was a Flathead and is still extremely popular with the hot rod community. Many advantages have been made in the diesel industry; however, you still should baby your diesel engine to keep it operable for many years to come. In some cases, pure, unaltered vegetable oil can power standard diesel engines; after all, Rudolph Diesel originally designed the engine that bears his name in an attempt to give farmers the ability to operate equipment using locally grown fuel. But pure vegetable oil, while certainly a biofuel, has limitations.<br>
      <br> One Crusher stood by while its counterpart proceeded to roll over and crush piles of cars that would have most monster trucks backing up with their tails between their legs. The cabin then separated from the bottom portion and, after three minutes of weightlessness and an awe-inspiring view, plummeted back to the Earth while using parachutes on both sections to break the fall. To prevent the destruction of the rocket on impact, many are equipped with parachutes to slow the fall. In the case of the Canadian Arrow, the two portions were equipped with parachutes to ease the landing. Battery Hybrid minnesota and electric cars are running alongside traditional petrol and diesel engines, and almost every day, a new user is shifting towards them for their improved performance, better efficiency and ease of maintenance. Japanese automakers built their reputation on factors like durability, but the shift in China shows the draw of lower-priced electric cars and new offerings based on software, said Masatoshi Nishimoto, principal research analyst at S&P Global Mobility in Tokyo.<br>
      <br> Well, for starters, it means that space tourism could be widely available before we even lay eyes on those flying cars we thought we’d be driving by now. For more information on the X Prize, private spaceflight, space tourism and related topics, check out the links on the next page. The X PRIZE chairman and CEO equates the near future of space tourism with the “barnstorming” of the 1920s, when people flocked to freelance pilots and paid them a fee for riding along. According to market studies cited by X Prize founder Diamandis, as many as 10,000 Americans would be willing to pay up to $100,000 for the opportunity to ride in a sub-orbital spacecraft — the question, of course, is whether that fee is a realistic one to cover costs and profit. These two basic elements affect the complex Ansari X Prize spacecraft similar to the way they’d affect something as simple as a golf ball. When a golfer takes a swing, the golf club functions as the propulsion system and thrusts the golf ball high into the air, flying in the direction of the swing. However, developers can build a database of if-then rules and supplement it with an artificial-intelligence (AI) engine that makes smart inferences and takes action in scenarios not covered by if-then rules.<br>

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