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      Drinking water is essential to the model system. many bodily functions Because it helps to transmit food information through cells, reducing body temperature. Helps to make joints perform excellently. In addition, studies have shown that it is beneficial to drink water in the morning regularly for many health conditions. will bring everyone to know The benefits that come from drinking water in the morning

      key benefits

      1. Help lose weight

      How does drinking water in the morning help you lose weight? Try drinking water before eating your main meal. A 2010 study showed that older and older adults lost more weight when they drank about 500 ml of water before each meal over a 12-week period, which is why, the results say. that the reduction of this figure is caused by a reduction in the amount of energy intake from the meal (I’m full of water, so I eat less). Moreover, สุขภาพดี there is a relationship with a system called thermogenesis (Thermogenesis) is the production of body heat. bring on the burning of calories

      Another study quoted from 2013 found that girls who consumed nutritious water and food Drink a lot of water, but eating fried food Fat is not reduced By drinking water before eating breakfast, lunch, dinner for 8 weeks, found that the weight has decreased. Sometimes it might be able to tell which part of the water is helping to reduce the figure. Not drinking water and then losing shape, it would be cheaper.

      2. Memory and health better mentally

      The brain is 83% water, even a small amount of dehydration affects our perception. Research has shown that water affects perception Including a direction that will affect our mental side as well. Although unclear, studies show that those who drank all day felt more mentally healthy. Moreover, those who are dehydrated will have a negative effect on memory. and have a shorter attention span than usual So if you want to start off with a good day It should be drinking water from the morning.

      3. Cheerful mind

      Drinking water at dawn may make us smile. The results of the study were very simple if water intake was reduced. The amount of water inside the body is low. We will feel like drinking water. feeling less concentrating quietness diminishes Emotions are more easily broken. Dehydration causes negative and negative effects on mood. If you want to be cheerful and bright, drink water from the morning. Or if possible, it’s best to drink water throughout the day.

      4.Good skin

      The skin is approximately 30% water. The water in the skin will help make our skin look healthy and strong. full of meat flexible Drinking water helps keep the skin moist. Helps to prevent wrinkles Should drink water from the morning because do not forget that We will have to meet again. The sun, dust, adding moisture to the skin is like strengthening the skin’s armor early.

      5. Help make the body more ready.

      Drinking water early in the morning helps prepare your body more and more for routine tasks. Remember that water is an essential component of the body and many organs need it.

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