Dangerous signs, the risk of “Alzheimer’s”

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      “Alzheimer’s” is one of the diseases caused by the deterioration of work. or the structure of the brain tissue which is often found in the elderly cause dementia and symptoms of forgetfulness

      10 dangerous signs, risk of “Alzheimer’s”

      – loss of memory
      – unable to do familiar things
      -Trouble understanding the visualization
      -Confused with time and place
      -Trouble planning or troubleshooting
      – Poor decision making
      – Mood and personality changes
      – Placing things improperly
      -Lack of interest in surroundings or what you used to like
      – Difficulty in writing or speaking

      how to develop the brain Reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

      – Always learning new things, สุขภาพดี such as reading new books cook new dishes Go out to travel to new places. Talk to new people, etc.
      – There are social activities on a regular basis, such as meeting friends, having meals with family.
      -Reduce stress by finding activities to relax the brain such as watching movies, listening to music, talking to other people, etc.
      -Doing activities that help develop both hemispheres of the brain, such as playing games that practice calculation skills, remembering, or playing music
      – Doing activities or hobbies that enhance skills And create concentration at the same time, such as drawing, clay, doll making, knitting, various crafts
      -Exercise regularly, such as brisk walking, light aerobics, or yoga.

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