BDIX Internet Speed Test


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Bdix internet speed test

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The actual bandwidth demand may be higher depending on the number of users and whether you are using shared or dedicated internet access. For businesses interested in using bandwidth for VoIP or critical applications, we recommend that you check your internet speed and evaluate the overall quality of your bandwidth connection using Our BDIX Internet Speed ​​Test Tool.

How does the internet speed test work?

BDIX Internet Speed ​​Test is an HTML5 bandwidth test, without Flash, that tests your connection upload and download speeds using your browser. Our bandwidth test uses HTML5 technology and requires no download to run. Bandwidth speed tests are commonly used to test speed. However, our BDIX Internet Speed ​​Test tool also checks the connection quality from your broadband provider.

Why should I check my internet speed?

BDIX Bandwidth Speed ​​Test is an effective way to measure their connection to individuals and businesses. Broadband providers sell tiered packages based on speed, so it’s important that you check regularly to ensure the right return on investment. For organizations using VoIP services, reliable broadband speeds are a basic requirement of every employee’s day-to-day work. From conference calls to exporting large amounts of data, the speed of your broadband connection has a huge impact on your bottom line.

Updated: January 31, 2022 — 4:36 pm


  1. 5 mbps speed for me.

  2. amar net speed onek kom tai bolbo na.

  3. আমার ওয়াইফাই স্পিড টেস্ট – ৫ এমবি।

  4. আমার ইন্টারনেট স্পিড ১০ এমবি।

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